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Retirement & Wealth Management

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Sterling Heights Financial Group, LLC is an independent wealth management firm dedicated to providing low fee investment management and retirement services.
With our specialized experience working with retirement clients and business owners, we provide a holistic financial planning approach and tailored investment portfolios.

How We Help

We provide personalized retirement planning and wealth management for individuals and business owners across the country with a concentration in Pennsylvania and Florida.  Our approach focuses on creating income in retirement, reducing client investment fees, and properly managing risk for our clients' portfolios.  As an independent firm we have access to a plethora of investment vehicles and wealth management strategies to customize client portfolios.

Wealth Management

Preserving wealth and diversifying investments into different asset classes for individuals and families 

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Retirement Planning

Help with your budgeting, income in retirement, investment management, and 401k rollovers or 403b rollovers

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Business Owners

Tax strategies and investment advice for business owners, and succession planning when selling a business

Fiduciary Experience

Our mission when we started in 2018 was to provide ethical financial planning and wealth management to families and businesses nationwide.  As fiduciaries, we are only motivated by our clients' success, and working in their best interest.
We felt the industry was full of salespeople pushing certain products, high fees, and confusing investments that are not best for the client.  Our goal was to change this by reducing fees, educating our clients instead of selling, and providing a wholistic approach to solve all our clients' financial concerns. 


Experience serving families and businesses 


Satisfied clients around the country

*As of 10/31/23

Financial Planning Tips

Sterling Heights Financial Group
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About Our Team

Learn our story and why we built Sterling Heights Financial Group.  Finances can be complex and stressful.  We wanted to solve that problem for clients.  There are too many financial professionals not aligned with their clients' interests.  Our mission is to change that in a cost effective manner. 

Simplify to Succeed

  • We believe in simplifying the wealth management process, and educating clients.  Many people make financial decisions based off what they hear on the news, a friend's recommendation, a social media post, etc. 

  • Through our experience, we have found this to be distracting and counter productive for a sound financial plan.  There are thousands of different investment options that exist for investors.  Each one has it's own specific characteristics.  If there was one "best" place to invest, everyone would do it.  The truth is, they all serve a specific purpose, and not every financial strategy is best for everyone.

  • Our approach is to simplify the conversation and avoid analysis paralysis.  We simply ask, What problem are you trying to solve? or What is the goal you're trying to accomplish financially?  Once we know what to solve for like a math equation, we can work backwards to find a solution that has the characteristics that are meaningful for your plans. 

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Learn why hundreds of clients trust us to manage their finances and retirement plans.  

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