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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a critical strategy for individuals to maintain their desired lifestyle and financial security during their golden years. With longer life expectancies and evolving economic landscapes, thoughtful retirement planning has become more essential than ever.

"Retire from work, but not from life"  -M.K. Soni
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Income In Retirement

One of the biggest concerns for those retiring is monthly income.  Is there a gap between your expenses and what you'll receive from social security and any pensions?  We can assist in creating additional income streams to cover your necessary expenses in retirement.


What would happen if a large unforeseen expense came up in retirement?  Making sure you have sufficient accessible savings is crucial for retirement planning.  Having liquid savings to cover several months of expenses, or a large medical bill is a sound strategy in retirement.

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Inflation is the rising costs of goods and services overtime.  This can have a profound effect on a fixed income.  Retirement plans must account for these rising costs long term.  That is why having a portfolio also focused on growth is necessary.  Dedicating a portion of retirement assets to growth long term will hopefully outpace inflation and avoid the erosion of your retirement savings.

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Tax Planning

Liquidating assets and distributing funds can have tax complications.  Some may be tax free, some fully taxable, some partially taxable.  Understanding not only how each distribution will be taxed, but what is most favorable at that time for your retirement is important.  Creating a solid tax strategy can lead to a comfortable retirement

Risk Management

Taking too much risk, or not enough risk can leave a devastating impact on a retirement portfolio.  Being too conservative may lead to inflation slowly eroding your purchasing power.  Too much risk may lead to large downturns just as you need to begin taking distributions.  Proper risk management is necessary for a successful retirement.

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