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Lower Burrell

Pittsburgh Office
104 Rodgers Dr,
Lower Burrell, PA 15068
(724) 989-0709
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Our Services

Sterling Heights Financial Group is located in Lower Burrell, PA.  We are located on Rodgers Drive outside of the business district. Our team of financial advisors have helped countless families and businesses in the area with their retirement, financial planning, 401k rollovers, and investment management.  

We pride ourselves on providing unbiased, customized, wealth management services for all types of clientele in the area.  We specialize our practice in assisting retirement clients, business owners, and family offices.  Our approach is "simplify to succeed".  There's endless financial products, advice, and news headlines telling you what you should do with your finances.  We reverse engineer to solve the very specific problem or goal you have financially, and focus all our efforts there.  Our low fee structure is designed to provide as much value as possible for our clients.

Retiring, or recently retired in Lower Burrell?

This can be an extremely exciting, but also stressful transition in your life!  The amazing feeling to finally choose how you want to spend your days, sleep in, and avoiding the work commute, can be met with sobering concerns on your finances in retirement.  Are you retiring and have questions on your finances?

Here is a list of the biggest concerns we solve for our retirement clients:

How can I generate more reliable monthly income?

Will I run out of money in retirement?

How much risk should I take with my investments?

What do I do with my old 401k or 403b?

How do I budget my monthly bills for retirement?

How should I invest my retirement accounts?

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Need To Speak With An Advisor?

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Businesses & Family Offices

Whether you are building a successful company, sold a business, or operate a family office, our team of professional wealth managers can assist.  We are not only fluent in the public markets, but also the private sector.  We can provide tactical business advise to assist in growing your company, managing your finances, and investing.  Our team is very active in the small to medium sized business community, and look forward to adding value to your organization.

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Learn why hundreds of clients trust us to manage their finances and retirement plans.  

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