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Services for
Business Owners

Services created for business owners, by business owners

As business owners ourselves, we understand the difficulties and complexities of running a company.  The beginning stages requires the entrepreneur to wear many hats.  Handling the operations, marketing, sales calls, staffing, finances, and more.  It requires a ton of sacrifice, long days, and many financial hardships.

As a company evolves, the goals become more focused on streamlining operations, outsourcing, and finding trusted vendors to add to the team.  Our team has personal experience with starting, growing, and investing in businesses.  Through this expertise we can provide tactical and valuable advice to business owners.

Business Planning

Tactical advice on building, growing, and planning for your business.  Our reliable guidance on company finances, marketing strategies, acquisitions, and asset allocation can make a meaningful impact on the success of a company.

Tax Strategies

We offer solutions for business owners seeking tax advantaged strategies.  Our financial solutions can provide relief when it comes to tax planning for business or personal financials. 


Our expert advisors can assist with planning for the sale of a business, transitioning to retirement, and creating retirement plans for existing business owners.  We also provide strategic advisory services on acquisitions and selling your business.


Sterling Heights Financial has strategic partnerships with independent insurance brokers to provide quality, cost efficient coverage for business owners.  Proper insurance planning is a necessity for managing business risk.

Financial Solutions

Sterling Heights Financial Group provides a comprehensive wealth management and advisory solution to small and medium sized businesses.  We offer tailored services for entrepreneurs as they build, scale, and sell their company.  Our retirement solutions can also be effective for any owner transitioning into a comfortable retirement.  There are enough daily concerns with operating a successful business, reach out to our team to outsource some of your financial management headaches.

Young Accountant

Your Time Is Valuable

Running a successful business requires 24/7 dedication.  You are pulled several ways at once to not just maintain what you've built, but hopefully grow.  We understand, and respect this.  Your time is limited to search for a trusted and experienced financial advisor to help you reach your financial goals.  We've made the process seamless for our business owner clients.

1.  Book A Call

Book a no cost intro call at your convenience virtually that fits your schedule, and is added to your calendar immediately.

2.  Questions Answered

Make a list of all your financial questions or concerns that need answered.  Our advisors will provide significant value providing solutions and referrals to help day one.

3.  Fast Turnaround

If you decide to work with our team, we will create a customized plan with solutions for your business in a timely manner.  This can normally be done in as little as a few days.

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Learn why hundreds of clients trust us to manage their finances and retirement plans.  

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